Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Rodeo is one of my favored spots not only dose it have livestock apart of it but it also has wonderful people. Yeah it can be dangerous but if you were in the back when the contestens are paying to get in they have wagers so they cant sue The rodeo if they get hurt. In a way Rodeo is a life style the PBR or Professional Bull Riders  the contestens go around the world bull riding, and the rodeo clowns are so funny. The whole rodeo experience is my favorite.
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First Farmers In The World

In the Article “How the First Farmers Changed History” the writer Carl Zimmer Talks about how The first farming settlement, Ain Ghazal, Changed History. They were able to grow stuff like barley,wheat, chickpeas, and other things. Some would leave the village for months and go herd sheep and other livestock. Months away from their families to go herd sheep for the whole village. I wouldn't be able to do that not even for sheep and i love sheep there probably my most favorite animal. I find this article amazing, just think they were the first farmers in the world they created farming and passed it down to other villages and now, to this day, we still farm we have a whole industry wrapped around it. That is just amazing..