Thursday, January 12, 2017

Short Story

The Lamb Saves The Day

Apples fell from the tree... Thod, thod, thod. And the Wolf and the Cat were throwing the apples at each other while their friend the Lamb sat in between them.
“Guys stop, the teacher is going to yell at you two.” said the Lamb. She had enough of their apple throwing, a couple of them almost hit her “How rude” she thought.
Just then Ms. Fox came over to them. “If you two dont stop throwing those rotten apples at each other than I will separate you two, is that clear!” Ms Fox was furious at Wolf and Cat. The apples that Wolf and Cat were throwing were getting all over the classroom. Ms. Fox wanted everything nice and neat, not one speck of dust on anything in her classroom. So the Lamb, Wolf, and Cat had to stay late and clean up their mess.
“THIS IS SO UNFAIR, I WASN'T EVEN THROWING THOSE STUPID APPLES!!!” screamed the Lamb, “I’m going home, you to have to clean this up.”
“OH NO SOMEONE STOLE MY SHOE!!!” shouted The Wolf.
“Oh shoot we need to get Lamb in to help find it, LAMB, HELP!! LAMB, WE NEED YOU!” said the Cat.
The Lamb came back -because she's a good friend and will help the Wolf out because they are best friends-(Oh and the Cat too). So they all split up and looked for the animal who took the Wolf’s shoe. Then, the lamb and the Cat found the Sloth and Tiger who had Wolf’s shoe.
“HEY! That's not your shoe that's my friend’s shoe and I want it back.” said the Lamb.
“Well you're not getting it back, frankly I like this shoe and now it's my best friend.” said the Tiger.
“Fine I'm going to get my friend Wolf” said the lamb
“Okay, we will fight for this shoe, but he's not going to win I can tell you that.” Tiger yelled after them.    
So Lamb came back with Wolf “Hey you stupid striped meany butt, gimme back my shoe.” Wolf was furious that Tiger stole his shoe.
The Tiger started laughing, no more like cackling. Tiger wanted to keep the shoe indefinitely. It was his “special” friend. He enjoyed holding it while going out for walks, he also enjoyed watching it while it sat on his pillow at night while the shoe slept. Tiger enjoys This shoe very very much, he had a strong attachment to it, both physically and mentally. There was no way that Wolf was getting it back without a fight.
Wolf came running all of a sudden shaking his paws. “GIVE ME MY SHOE!!” he howled.
The tiger threw his head back and roared with laughter, “I will never give this shoe back to you, it’s special” he says with a wicked grin.
The Tiger slowly turns and walks away leaving the Wolf wide-eyed and crying.The lamb wasn't going to give up without a fight so she charged at the tiger, catching him off guard. “AHHHHH WHAT THE…” Tiger shouted with pain as lamb punched him with her hoof . Wolf begins to laugh as the Tiger runs in fear. The Lamb then begins to chase the fleeing Tiger, throwing herself on top of him in order to stop him. He wiggles and squirms trying to get out from under Lamb, unsuccessfully. Lamb bites his ear and Tiger shouts in horror. Wolf stands back and cheers on Lamb. “Bite him!”
Cat is laughing on the ground crying, “Come on, Tiger. Man up!”
Poor Tiger cries as Lamb smacks Tiger upside the head with her hoof. “Cat is now bored. Peace.”
Wolf suddenly begins to cry as Cat leaves him alone. “Stop being a wuss, Wolf and help me!” Lamb shouts.
Wolf sniffles and wipes his nose with his paw.Then the Fox comes over and Wolf ran away so he wouldn’t get in trouble
“WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING TO TIGER, LAMB,” yelled Fox; Lamb stops in mid-bite of the Tiger’s ear, “GET YOUR MOUTH OFF OF TIGER’S EAR RIGHT NOW.”
Lamb slowly spits out Tiger’s ear, staring at Fox the entire time. “Why are you two fighting?” Fox said puzzled.
“That stupid Tiger over there stole Wolf’s shoe and won’t give it back, he says the shoe and him have a special bond” Lamb cried
Fox begins to giggle trying to keep a straight face. “Tiger give Wolf’s shoe back, it’s not nice.” Fox lectures. “It’s also not very healthy to be physically and emotionally attached a show, perhaps you can join a Tiger dating site to help with your...needs.”
Tiger upsettingly gave the shoe back to the Wolf. Wolf excitingly took it and ran off into the sunset.
“As for you,” Fox glares at Lamb, “You need to apologize to Tiger.”
“I'm sorry Tiger, but you deserved it.” Lamb said quickly.
“Lammmb, say it nicer”
“Tiger I'm sorry that I jumped you,” Lamb said again. “Good now go home its getting late,” Fox said as she was walking out of the room, “I'll see you all tomorrow.”

So Lamb, Cat, Tiger, and his friend Sloth walked home. As for the Wolf, well, he was already home sleeping next to his shoe peacefully, and they lived happily ever after.


  1. I really enjoyed the creativity you used to to bring the characters to life. Rather than writing a story simply for grades sake,You put detail and life into your story.I enjoyed the conflict through the characters and how they solved their problems.It felt very reminiscent of a childrens cartoon story rather than a highschool short story.One thing you can improve on is more detailed characters and how they speak to one another.Overall,I thoroughly enjoyed this story and hope to see more in the future.

    1. Thank you it was fun writing this. I think i will do some more about the animals in the story.

  2. I LOVE your short story. it is very interesting to read and i feel like you would make a great author for lots of little kid. You are very creative and have some wild ideas!

    1. Thank you :) I was thinking about being a author it ould be cool