Thursday, March 2, 2017

Horse Soring*

For those of you who do not know what horse soring is here's a quick definition from google, “The practice of soring involves using chemical agents such as mustard oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, salicylic acid, and other caustic substances on the pasterns, bulbs of the heel, or coronary bands of the horses, causing burning or blistering of the horses' legs to accentuate their gaits.”  Mostly this is done on Tennessee Walking Horses and other similar breeds, here's a video of what soring does to Tennessee Walking Horses. This, this is what gets my blood boiling not only is it illegal it's wrong  and if i ever see anyone doing that, if you ever see someone doing that you better stop it and call the cops, if you are the one doing it You are a p.o.s. And I hope someone calls the cops and kick the living hell out of you for what you are doing to those poor horses. This is wrong in the video it says that the trainers are only allowed to use 6 oz chains but do these really look like 6oz chains. In this article they sat that The U.S. Department of Agriculture made changes Jan. 13 to the Horse Protection Act. They want to stop soring throughout America. Everyone knows that, yeah you made it illegal but people are going it still do it, so how are you going to stop it. I was just as curious as you are so I looked it up and what I found were six ways to stop soring they have a phone number you can call...855-NO-SORING or 855-667-6746. It's as simple to report an abuser all you have to do is pick up the phone and call that number, so if you see someone doing this to a poor horse call the number and be an animal's hero.