Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gender In Agriculture*

In the year 2014 the percent of women in agriculture was less than the percent of men in agriculture around the world.  Women are 43% of agriculture and men are 57%. It's not because women don't like agriculture it's because in most countries women get the short end of the stick…. The reason this is a problem is because in about “2050 the population is expected to grow by 2.3 billion people; food demand could rise 60 percent.” as written by Kelsey Nowakowski the author of the article.
 We need to close the gap between men and women in agriculture so we can produce more food for the ~7 billion people today and the ~2.3 billion more people going to be in the world. You see if we don't close the gap more people will be living in poverty by the year 2050 than there is today.
 Women in other parts of the world can't get enough created they need to have to funds to get stuff like fertilizer or feed for there livestock. There chances to getting created is 5 to 10 percent lower than men’s. The reason why is because the women get less education than men do in parts of the world like pakistan. This is another problem, many countries deprive women of education, Women have the same right to education as men do it just doesn't make since, why do countries think men are more superior than women. Women go through a lot to getting judged by the way they look is just stupid thinking a women is “too weak” to run a farm or “a waste” to give an education to.


  1. I Love this article because I too believe women are underappreciated. I would like to hear more about the american population and how they treat women who want to join the agricultural business.

  2. This blog is interesting and I believe that women should be educated and allowed to get into any field they want. I believe that many women do not go to school for agriculture because of the very physical nature of the career. I would like you to proofread your writing because I don't know what you mean by women "can't get enough created". Great job though. I was surprised by the 43% of women in agriculture. I would not have thought this would be so high a percent.