Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Future in Agrictluture

Livestock practices have changed so much in the past years it makes me wonder what we have in store for the future in livestock. I feel like everything has changed like with the breeding practices we only had one way of breeding livestock and that was putting a male and female together and let them do their thing, but now we have Artificial Insemination which is when the farmer artificially impregnates a female animal with semen from a superior-quality male, and Embryo Transfer techniques where a genetically enhanced fertilized egg is transferred from the reproductive tract of a special breed cow into the reproductive tract of a second cow. Its crazy on how many thing we can think of for livestock. I read an article about how scientist are growing meat in labs…. Meat that you don't need to kill an animal for it you just need the meat tissue to grow it, what if they can make a whole steak with it or, tri tip, ham, bacon, etc. what would that do for livestock in the future it will stop the practice of livestock what will happen to all the animals meant for livestock they will reproduce more than we need than they will be over populated and not use to people just think having cows, pigs, sheep, etc. in cities like San Francisco or New York, places they shouldn't be. I feel like the future of livestock is not going to be good for them and us.